November 3, 2017

My doctor appointment went well.  Because I have been off the Celexa for almost a month, and my headaches have been getting worse, my doctor thinks the antidepressant had been covering up my headaches in the past and they are now surfacing.  She now isn’t sure if I am having migraines.  Some of the symptoms mimic a migraine while others are different.  The description of Cluster headaches fits my symptoms as well.  For this reason I will be having a brain scan .  I was put on a blood pressure medication which is supposed to help with Cluster headaches.  Today was the first day on it.  The whole day was filled with head pain, but by evening the headaches eased up.   I am still experiencing sensitive hearing and sensitive to light, ringing in the ears and distorted eyesight with the headaches, mental confusion, and anxiety.

The shortness of breath and difficulty taking a breath resulted in a chest x-ray which showed I have a nodule on my lung.  Quite common I guess, and probably benign.  The doctor will be giving me a CT scan occasionally to keep a watch on it.


I am not sleeping well, but am getting some rest during the day.  Although I am having these health issues I am thankful that I am getting answers finally.  Doctor Jensen listens to me and takes what I have to say seriously unlike my doctors in the past who treated me like a hysterical mental patient.  I receive a follow-up appointment with he on November 16th.


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