October 23, 2017

I am starting to find answers to some of the symptoms which have been bothering me.   I am beginning to taper off the Prednisone and it is a good thing.  I was in Emergency last night with severe chorea movements my blood pressure was 200 something ver 100 something, and the worst headache I have ever experienced in my life.  I screamed it was so painful, and it takes a lot to get me to that point.  It turns out I have been having headaches from the Prednisone.  The Migraine headache triggered Chorea Movements, which also caused my neck muscles to contract violently causing tension headache on top of the Migraine. I was given three different shots to stop the Migraine and sent home.  The shots helped, but did not completely take the headache away.  I was given a Benadryl shot to calm the Chorea movements as well.


Today, I slept part of the morning and had to lay down again in the afternoon when I felt the migraine try to surface again.  I see silver sparkles during the migraine/ perhaps before.    I didn’t do very much today, just took care of myself and did stress-free enjoyable things like my Familysearch work.  I am planning a make up group which is just for fun, not to sell anything thing time.  I think I will enjoy it better and even learn something in the process.  I have been practicing mindfulness, imagery, and thought stopping to deal with Intruding thoughts.


I see my doctor again on 2 September for a follow-up to see what kind of Migraines I may be having and a more permanent solution.  I would like to try a natural product for the Migraines, but haven’t found anything yet.  I am still waiting for the CT scan of my sinuses and the Ultra Sound of my heart, and a pulmonary testing of my lungs to rule out Costocontritis.


Isn’t are bodies wonderful!  So complex and interconnected , one system to another in an orderly manner.   Hip replacement surgery is in  seven weeks!!!!    I lost three pounds this week, even on Prednisone which I think is great!


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