October 2, 2017

Because of the length of time I have been having withdrawals with so many symptoms I did more research into anti depressants.  Celexa is a short acting anti depressant that causes withdrawals only after missing one dose.  I saw my doctor on Friday and I have started Prozac  which is a long-acting anti depressant.  It takes one month before withdrawals can occur.  It will therefore be easier to come off the Prozac than the Celexa.  She has me on 10mg. Prozac with the 10 mg. Celexa for a week, then Prozac 10mg. and 5 mg. Celexa until I am stable, then begin to taper off the Prozac as slowly as needed.

One symptom which has started happening which I thought was withdrawals turns out not to be.  I looked back in my diaries of December 2006 ( since my memory is toast), and discovered I was diagnosed with Temoral Arteritis ( Inflammation of the blood vessels of the brain from the heart leading to the eyes).  If left untreated a person can go blind.

I informed my doctor and she examined me and put me on Prednisone 50mg. for three weeks before tapering off of that.  It is suspected that the withdrawals have caused the Temporal arteritis to recur.  My headache in the temple region has gone after three days of treatment.  It becomes painful for a short time if I accidentally touch my temple region.

I am also tapering off the Hydromorphone .  It was cut in half last week.  I was due to have hip replacement surgery on 23 October 2017, but because I am now on Prednisone ( which compromises your immune system), my surgery was postponed until 7 December, 2017.   That’s ok with me.  I want to feel better before surgery than I do now.

I see my doctor tomorrow morning to discuss the other symptoms I am still having:

Head:  Cold/Hot burning sensations, dizziness, tension headaches

Eyes:  Sore burning, watery, blurred vision, sensitive to light, dry

Ears:  Ringing, burning, sensitive to sound, pain around outside of ear on bone.

Emotional/Mental:  Mood swings, irritability/anger, cognitive difficulties,

Anxiety, Insomnia, Chorea Movements, back pain, muscle pain, sinus pain, memory problems, hot and cold sweats.

Treatments:  Hot or cold packs on my head and neck; Deep breathing relaxation, acupressure self-administered.  http://www.acupressure.org   has some good exercises I have tried which releases the tension in my neck and around my ear.  Distraction using computer games, preparing records for family search indexers; prayer;  and hugs from hubby. 🙂


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