New Development

Because I believed the Lyrica and Celexa were causing an interaction I tapered again on my Celexa.  I am now down to 30mg. but will remain there for at least six months until my hip surgeries are complete and I am healed from them.  That could be a year from now.

I continue to struggle with insomnia, sweats and chills, ringing in the ears, sensitive to light and sound, painful burning headaches, muscle and joint pain, intrusive thoughts, anxiety.

Because this has been going on for so long I became discouraged and in need of some relief of some kind.  The supplements I have tried did not seem to be helping much anymore and because of lack of sleep my quality of life was down.  Not able to be mobile makes it even harder to cope, but getting out of the house to the show once in a while or to church or even just going to Walmart for a change of scenery helps.

I felt inspired to try acupuncture as I heard it could help relieve withdrawal for some people.  Last week was my first appointment and the night after I slept 8 hours in total minus bathroom trips of course, but I went right back to sleep.  The treatments are for anxiety, pain and insomnia.  I noticed an improvement immediately the day of treatment and some of the next day.  Of course the effects do not last long-term at first and repeat appointments were set up.  My second appointment, the same thing occurred, this time I was able to sleep 9 hours.  My anxiety is down and the headaches have improved.  Again, I have another appointment on Thursday.  Over time the symptoms will gradually decrease.  Healing seems to be that way doesn’t it?

What I am learning from this is listen to your heart and try new things, have patience in the process and trust in the Lord that everything will be o.k. in the end.


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