Day Three of Celexa Taper

Well, all Hell broke loose this morning after waking from a nightmare.  The Chorea Movements were VERY severe, with even many muscle groups in my face contracting.  At one time I couldn’t open my eyes, then one eye would open alternating with the other one.  I lost the ability to speak one moment then blurted out a word I had no control over saying ( it wasn’t a bad word),  I just couldn’t control it coming out and I couldn’t stop laughing.  I believe it was a manic like episode that was very brief.  My back was arching, my legs and arms jerking in quick succession.  The muscles on both sides of my back contracted .   On top of that I had to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t walk there because of all the movements going on.  I tried to relax as much as possible as this was going on so I woudn’t hurt myself, then I remembered that hearing music which is slow and rhythmic controls the muscles making them contract in time to the music!  Fasinating!  I had Doral get out a song book and sing to me and the movements became less jerky and were smoother and easier to cope with.

Today the withdrawals have been severe on the most part, including the burning in my head all over at once, sensitive hearing and light sensitive ( I wear sunglasses in the house  and earplugs)  Doral is very helpful in keeping the volume of the TV. down and turns off most of the lights.  The ringing in the ears has been non -stop as well.



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