Stress and withdrawal

There are many kinds of stress, each leading to increased withdrawal symptoms.

The stressors in my life right now is the pain from my hips and the anticipation of hip replacement surgery on my left hip.  For one thing stress like this leads to not sleeping well, which makes coping with the pain the next day more stressful.

Associated with the pain is the difficulty in doing things for myself or inability to do things for myself.  Everything takes two to three times longer to do, so you need to allow more time when you need to go anywhere.  Another stress is incontinence or having to go to the bathroom every hour or hour and a half ; if you don’t accidents happen.  I needed to be away from home most of today at the hospital for pre-surgical screening. I therefore had to find a bathroom every hour and a half to make sure I didn’t have an accident.

Unfortunately Trail hospital is not handicap friendly to people in a wheelchair.  Either my wheelchair didn’t fit through the bathroom door, or the configuration of the restroom didn’t allow for the wheelchair to be close enough to the facilities ( namely toilet).  We therefore had to go searching for a bathroom and be back in time for the next test that needed to be done.  Stress, stress, stress.  I was almost in tears a few times .

One of the symptoms I have learned is called Neuro-emotions.  These are emotions that come up all by their little lonesome , non expectantly.  I was dealing with those all day as well, usually anger or tearfulness.  On top of that I was freezing cold all day!

I was so happy when I was able to come home, relax in my recliner and put my comforter on, get toasty warm and fall asleep for an hour. 🙂

Bonus was I was passed all the tests, heart, x-ray, blood work and doctor accepted me for surgery.  Now I have to wait for my surgeon to come back from holidays.


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