Changes needed

After not sleeping at all two nights in a row, I did some more research about withdrawals and nutrition.  I have been on a Ketogenic diet up until today, when I discovered that I needed the fruits and vegetables not available to me on the  Ketogenic diet in order to withdraw from the Celexa more successfully.  So today I tasted some strawberries, yogurt, potatoes, and apple and cheese  for the first time in over a year and boy did they taste good!  I am now following the Canada Food Guide , but decreasing the amount of bread in half.  This worked out well today.  I found I don’t need all of the protein the Ketogenic diet was asking  to satisfy me.   I will be concentrating on eating healthy with this change in diet and if I lose weight, good; if not- that’s o.k. too.  I expect to lose weight due to decreasing the Celexa anyways.

Because I am not sleeping well, and the Chorea movements keep me from sleeping I have also decided to slow down the taper.  It will take longer to be off the Celexa, but hopefully I will be able to cope better at a slower taper.  Time will tell.



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