What to expect for length of symptoms

Before I began this journey I consulted several websites to get an idea of what to expect from the withdrawals and how long they would last.  The one website I went back to time and again was this one : Seroquel withdrawal symptoms

It has been three months since I took my last Seroquel and I can now say the symptoms are significantly diminished.  It has been almost one week since I had any Chorea involuntary muscle movements; only the occasional twitch.  My hearing is no longer sensitive and light does not bother me.  The thought distortions are a lot better.

What I am still dealing with is the occasional hot sweats and the burning head pain which comes and goes.  Both of these don’t last as long as before.  I do get periods of anxiety, but they go away on their own.

I am still taking the amino acids and vitamins and minerals and following my weight loss plan.  My weight seems to be stalled, but I am still plugging away at it.


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