My Greatest Support

For many years there has been one person who has always been there for me; my husband.  Throughout my years of depression Doral has done most of the cooking.  He has become an excellent cook now.  Being a caregiver has been difficult for him.  As he has told me he hates to do housework.  He is getting better at doing that as well.

I’m not able to walk very far because of the pain or lift my leg into the car.  He will go out of his way to take me places , lifts the wheelchair out  and makes sure I’m safe as I try to manuever myself into the chair.  He helps me get dressed , washes my feet, and best of all gives me hugs.

A few nights I have had to wake  him because the withdrawals have become too severe for me to handle alone.  He has always come and talked with me and stayed up with me until he knows I am calm enough to be alone.  I am so blessed to have a loving, caring person I can depend on.  As I try to become more independent again, he lets me try new things, like washing my hair alone at the kitchen sink.  He knew I wouldn’t be able to do it, but he let me try.

As I move forward in this journey to recovery I know he will be there to encourage me.  We have always loved to do things together.  I have had a problem trying to do everything by myself, so when I’m able to do more I will need to remember Doral is there to share the responsibility of running the house.

I have come to appreciate him so much more and I am eternally thankful for him.


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