Positive Changes

It has been a few weeks since I began having serious withdrawal symptoms.  Today I have decided to post the positive changes I have seen.

The amount of time between symptoms has become longer and not as severe.  Before I had a very difficult time accomplishing tasks because of the thoughts that distracted me.  I was not able to read and had a difficult time understanding what I read.  I could not use the computer for more than a few minutes before becoming confused.

The past two days especially I have been able to do more.  I have gone to the Family History Library two days in a row and viewed a film I have wanted to see for a long time.  Although it was still more difficult than when I am completely well, I stuck to it for over one hour.  I now use the computer daily, viewing a Dutch film online.  I have found a book and enjoy reading.  I’m thinking about getting back to my counted cross stitch if my eyesight  allows.

My sensitive hearing has improved as has the light sensitivity.  I am now helping with the dishes on my own and help clean the kitchen counters.

Last night we heard word that Doral’s mother passed away.  I am thankful to a loving Heavenly Father that I am well enough to travel to Lethbridge to attend the funeral, and also to visit with family.

On Monday our eldest son Ryan came with his family for a visit which was another blessing.   Although I am not 100% well, I am well on my way.to full recovery.


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