Looking to the future

Even though this journey has felt like a long one, I have found that stopping and thinking about the benefits I will incur after coming off all of the drugs is huge.  The medications have put over 200 lbs. on me and already I have shed half that amount and look forward to having a slimmer, healthier me without medications hindering my progress .  The side effects from the medication will be gone and I will be able to think clearer , feel deeper and experience more of my feelings which the drugs have covered up.  Although medications do help depression, I believe they do cover many emotions which are good to have.  I had a difficult time laughing before and lately I have been able to see the humour in more things.  I laugh out loud now and I’m not as afraid to cry.

I look forward to getting to know my family members better and spending happier times with them.  I have been closer to my Heavenly Father as I face challenges every day.  In the future I believe I will grow even closer.



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