Managing Your Time

In order to keep my stress down I have made a list of everything I would like to accomplish during the day. The order does not matter.  I do make sure I cover three areas  which are my Spiritual health, My mental health and my physical health.  Each one of these are connected and influence each other.

For my spiritual health I have chosen to listen to the Book of Mormon first thing in the morning.  Other things which has helped is humming a gospel song.  I have also taken the Children’s Primary song book and sang out loud with Doral picking out my favorite songs.  I have found this gets rid of any negative feelings I may have at the time.  Listening to uplifting music when possible is also a great help.  I enjoy going for a walk or sitting in the sun and thinking of my Heavenly Father.

For my mental health I have chosen to play computer games that challenge my problem solving skills and memory.  I use coloring to help me relax as well as deep breathing  which helps me stay calm and my thoughts become calmer.   Doing odd jobs around the house like helping to prepare meals and loading the dishwasher is also helpful .

For my physical health I do as much as possible to lift weights and do stretches each day.  I also do as much walking inside and outside.  I make sure I am eating healthy meals and snacks.  I try to get as much sleep as I am able.


At the end of the day, whatever I have not accomplished which is important for me to do , I have it written down and transfer that item to the next day.


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