Difficult Days

I have been suffering with intrusive thoughts which sound like voices for a couple of days now.  They have been very severe, then wane.  The thoughts sometimes go to the beat of music.  I have also sometimes thought God is talking to me and telling me what to do, or controlling what I am doing.  Memories of past negative experiences while in the psychiatric hospital come and go, but I have had difficulty concentrating on the happy moments in my life.

Last night I was having very jumbled up thoughts which were bringing up strong emotions and I couldn’t stop crying.  I woke Doral and together I was able to remember my childhood Christmas memories and talk about what I was visualizing about them.  I have gone over 24 hours without sleep, but was able to get some sleep last night and this morning.

I believe it is due to withdrawals from  the Seroquel I had been taking, and have stopped two months ago.


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