Physical Activity

It is important to keep physically active for both physical health and mental health.

I was able to go for a walk with my walker at Birch Bank today for a short distance and plan to increase the distance over time.

My mind was calmer and I was able to think clearer.

Physically,  I am gradually building up my strength so I can better recover from surgery in the Fall.  Each day I am becoming more and more active by trying new things.  I tried washing my hair by myself in the kitchen sink since I can’t get into the shower.  I tried to do it the way Doral helps me, but was unable to do so; but I felt good attempting it.  I have been laying out my clothes Saturday night for the Sabbath, rather than have them brought to me. I am also now fixing my medications and supplements whenever possible.  I am even starting to help with meal preparation.


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