Discovering your qualities throughout Trials

Even though trials can be difficult you can always find something to be thankful for.  I have discovered many positive  things about myself through soul-searching and through the guidance of the Holy Ghost.  Some of these qualities I was not aware of before, and others I had to think about first before I remembered.

  1. I am child-like and easily taught.  Perhaps this is why people say I’m a sweet person.
  2. I am a good mother.  In the past I have wondered if I have done enough for my children to learn about their Father in Heaven and the gospel.  I know that even though I was absent from their lives while battling with depression , I did teach them by my example and with the help of others, they were prepared to live their lives as was my desire.
  3. I am a sensitive person and my feelings can be easily hurt.  This helps me be more empathetic and understanding. and compassionate.
  4. I am definitely a good listener.  I find it difficult to talk to people and don’t feel comfortable doing so.  But some people are good listeners, and others are good talkers.  I am learning to open up and socialize more though.  It is through the kindness of others that I am learning and lots of practice.
  5. I am steadfast and strong.  Through the support of my Heavenly Father I have been able to go day by day , facing negative feelings and thoughts with more confidence.  Even though I am disabled right now, I have looked back and seen that I have helped others in many ways.  I have enjoyed serving in the Family History Library, teaching others to search for their ancestors.  When able I look forward to helping others in any way I can.

So through your trials, remember you are not alone.  You have your Father in Heaven and many other people in your life who will help support and uplift you.  You are strong and getting stronger.  Take each day at a time and before long you will arrive at the place you long for………. a healthy, strong and vibrant person.


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