Happy Memories

I was weighed at Ideal Protein Weight Loss Clinic this morning and have another three pound loss and inches gone.  I was able to have a nap this afternoon and exercise this morning with Sit and Be Fit.  It felt so good to stretch!

I had time to think about happy memories which helped me feel better and stay positive.  I’ve also used a mantra of ” Day by Day, everyday I feel better and better.”

In the past I was not able to think of my happy memories, only tragedies and illness.  So I sat down and let the memories come and I came up with these:

  1.  Playing at the Holman farm in the tall grass and jumping down the haystacks.  Travelling on the Lethbridge dayliner to Taber when I was two years old.
  2. Visiting the Calgary Zoo. My favorites were Polar Bears, monkeys, giraffes and elephants.
  3. Christmas time, decorating the tree, having dad dressed up as Santa Claus come visit my bedroom I shared with Betty Lou to tell us we’d better go to sleep and in the morning finding my favorite doll, I named Patti.
  4. Picking up our adopted son Jon at the hospital and feeling he was meant to be ours.
  5. Nursing our two other two sons and holding their tiny bodies next to mine.
  6. Seeing my boys get married, walking Jon down the aisle.
  7. Holding my grandchildren for the first time.
  8. Being a bridesmaid at my sister Betty Lou’s wedding.
  9. Having a bath in the kitchen sink when I was very young.
  10. Bathing my own babies.

When negative thoughts come into my mind I can rely on this list to become more positive.



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