Total Hip Replacement Surgery

I began my day by having the appointment with my surgeon, Dr. Riley Campbell.  He gave the go ahead for having the total hip replacement.  He estimates that it will happen near the end of summer.  I have been waiting nearly two years to hear this news, so I am very happy it is finally here.  I have lost 100 lbs. so far in order to receive a better outcome.  To do this I have been following the Ideal Protein Protocol which is a Ketogenic diet, consisting of low carbohydrates and an adequate amount of protein.  I eat a protein bar for breakfast, lunch consists of two cups of vegetables and from 4 to 6 oz. of protein ( beef, chicken, pork, salmon).  There are other choices but these are the ones I have chosen.  My favorite vegetable has been zucchini.  I also love cabbage and hamburger with seasonings of salt free Montreal Steak sauce, Ideal Protein Salt, and stir fry sauce and fry it with Grape Seed Oil.  Excluded from the diet is dairy, fruit, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.  I thought I would miss these, but I haven’t.  To make up for the lack of nutrients I would usually get I daily take multi-vitamins, cal/mag. and potassium supplements.




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