Mother’s Day

My day started out with two hours of sleep.  I had severe muscle movements for six hours straight through the night.  An interesting development though, was discovering when I listen to music,  the muscle movements go in time with the music.  It was very interesting to feel the music go throughout my body, one  muscle contraction after another.  I listened to the Mormon Tabernacle choir for a long time.  It made the contractions not as distressing.  My muscles were pretty sore in the morning, especially in my back and legs and surrounding my arthritic hips.

My morning was not to fun with the sensitive hearing and my mind was not able to concentrate on the speakers at church.  By the time church was over I was glad to be going home where it was quieter and I could relax and put a cold pack on my back.  I had a nap in the afternoon which I needed badly .

I received Happy Mother’s Day wishes and a special dinner cooked from my wonderful husband who does so much for me every day.


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