Getting Ready for the Sabbath

I haven’t had nearly as many muscle movements today and my head hasn’t hurt as badly. I was expecting to have more anxiety than I have, so that’s a good thing.  I was able to get six hours sleep last night and a short nap this morning.  I did some research to see if I could relieve some symptoms I am having with constipation and my sinuses.  I found that Horseradish root has properties that help with inflammation and also regulates the bowel.  It will also help me lose weight as a diuretic.   Doral mixed 1 tablespoon of horseradish in 1 oz. of milk and I chugged it down quickly before it settled to the bottom.  It wasn’t bad going down, just had some shivers afterwards.


With more of the morphine out of my system, I am experiencing more pain in my hip, but my bowels are working better.   I’m so looking forward to Monday when I see the surgeon about being put on the waiting list for total hip replacement.

To get ready for the Sabbath day I do everything on Saturday so I’m not rushed on Sunday.  I have my bath, wash my hair and do my nails.  I also lay out the clothes I’m going to wear to church.  I look forward to going to church to take the Sacrament and associating with other members of the church.  There is such a peaceful feeling at church that leaves me feeling refreshed for the next week.




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