Management of Thoughts

These are some of the methods I’ve used to manage the unusual thoughts I have had throughout withdrawal.  By the way, some doctors call it discontinue  syndrome.

  1.  Thought Stopping – When a nagging thought occurs, picture the word NO in your mind and the word NO.  Follow with a deep relaxing breath.  ( Not my favorite method)
  2. Progressive Relaxation-  Starting with your hands, tighten and relax them as you take a breath, counting to four in through your nose and blow out through your mouth.  Continue doing this with your belly muscles and legs.
  3. Another form of Progressive Relaxation ( My favorite)-  With your mind, going down your body, notice any areas of your body which are tense and relax them while using the breathing technique above.  It feels like a warm wave going throughout your body.
  4. Thought Challenging-  Replace negative thoughts with realistic thoughts..

There are many other forms of Relaxation methods, each works better for one person than another.


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