Coping with Withdrawal

There have been many symptoms of the withdrawal which have been very difficult to cope with.  Some of the symptoms I have had are seizures like movements, headaches or burning sensation in head, anxiety, insomnia, sweating and chills, muscle and joint aches and pain, blurred vision, sensitive hearing, unusual thinking.

I haven’t found anything that stops the seizure like movements as they are involuntary, but I do try to relax when I have them and make sure I am well supported.

The anxiety comes and goes.  I do deep breathing and activities that promote relaxation such as visualization of peaceful scenes, coloring, music, enjoying the outside sunshine on my skin, prayer, computer games for a distraction.   There is the CD by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir named ” Love is Spoken Here” which leaves me feeling peaceful inside.

The insomnia is a problem  I struggle with.  After I say my prayers,   I try to relax as much as possible first, then do some visualization.   I have set a time for sleep.  I make sure the room is dark by wearing a sleep mask.  I also make a bathroom trip and stop drinking water earlier in the evening.  Making sure I am comfortable with muscle cream is important to me because I have severe  hip arthritis.  I also take Naproxen when the pain is severe.  I am also on Lyrica for pain.

Sweating and chills.  Have a good hand fan and blankets close at hand.  I use a Nikken blanket that has magnets and is made of material which helps the muscle pain.

Sensitive hearing.  I make sure the televison is turned down and if that is not enough I use ear plugs.  I find the organ in church loud , so I wear ear plugs there too.  I aTso need them when going to the movie theater.  The stress from loud noises can bring on the seizures, so I have to be careful.

The unusual thinking is managed by thought stopping,  staying in the present by doing things which keeps my mind off my thoughts.

My relationships with friends and especially with the Lord has helped me cope with withdrawal.  Through prayer I have received ideas that have resulted in resolving problems I have had during the day or week.  Also, people have been placed in my path when I have needed them at critical times.  At the end of the day I write down the blessings I have received and what I have learned.





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