My Journey Off Psychiatric Drugs

I began taking psychiatric drugs in 1981 after the death of my stillborn baby girl.  At the time I didn’t know about hormone imbalances and the changes that can bring in the way of thoughts and feelings.  Yes, I was depressed, after all I had just lost a child.  The decision I made over 30 years ago has been devastating to my life and the life of my family.

The doctors back then told me once on antidepressants, I needed to be on them for life and I didn’t question that opinion for many years.  The side effects from the drugs ranged from intense anxiety, agitation, night terrors, to insomnia, and weight gain.Some even made the depression worse. Lets just say I experienced every side effect in the book.    I have been hospitalized over seven times , which took me away from my husband leaving him to tend to my children.  In total I have been on 30 different drugs.

To get me through this time in my life I clung to my faith in Jesus Christ.

My journey off psychiatric drugs began in 2011 when a doctor recognized that I didn’t need the medications I was on which was five of them at the time.  I was hospitalized and taken off three of them.  I tried to come off the antidepressant later , but was not successful because of the withdrawal symptoms.  I decided to discontinue the antipsychotic in 2014 which I had been put on to help me come off an anti-anxiety medication.  I did this by myself with the knowledge of my general practitioner.  It took me over one year to do so.

The following posts will be about my experiences I have and will have as I try to become drug free.


One thought on “My Journey Off Psychiatric Drugs”

  1. This I awesome Norma, what a great idea to blog this journey and your experiences. Im sure this will help many others with their life journeys also.


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